About Andi_en

Andreas Wollmarker-Stiedl


Andi has been working in the line for more than 35 years.
Since then, he is developing further his competences in the areas of movie, TV and video for customers and clients.

Since 2000 he is working on his own. As a sole proprietor, he successfully started business with the "AS mediavision".
In 2017, together with his wife, he founded the LenAndi Entertainment GmbH, into which the sole proprietorship was incorporated.

Furthermore, since 2012 Andi is a member of the AAC (Austrian Association of Cinematographers).


In addition to some ORF recognitions and awards, Andi was distinguished with an advertising prize at the "Goldener Hahn" in the FILM category.

His further milestones include the, until then, first direct invitation of an Austrian film team by the Academy to the preselections of nominees for the Oscar®s 2009 ("Sommerreigen"), the Golden Camera award in Los Angeles ("Mozart" Faudon Films) and the nominations for the Cannes Film Festival – Corporate Media & TV Awards with "Ramacher und Einfalt" (ORF III) and "MuTh – Wiener Sängerknaben".